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Music for Bipedal Movement

Geoff Bennett, of TTG Music Lab, has released a 72 minute CD of original percussion music for dance class and choreography. Music for Bipedal Movement features 21 tracks incorporating a wide variety of instrumentation, time signatures and tempos.

“Every track on ‘Music for Bipedal Movement’ is an adventure: a journey to a new exciting creative plane. It is an indispensable tool for dancers, teachers and choreographers of all kinds.”
Julie Sasso, performer, choreographer, teacher

“Beautiful music to dance to.”
Peggy Baker , Canada’s National Ballet School

” For me, this is a staple…”
Samara Thompson, ???.

” We use Music for Bipedal Movement for dance classes and workshops.”
David Parsons, The Parsons Company

” Geoff Bennett’s got a bass drum you can surf on.”
Christopher House, Toronto Dance Theatre

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Next of Skin

‘Next of Skin’ is the new recording from acclaimed percussionist/composer Geoff Bennett. Eighteen World Music Percussion tracks produced by Geoff Bennett and Longo Hai. A versatile CD with varied meters, tempos and timbres, ‘Next of Skin’ is excellent for all Modern , Creative Movement and Improvisation Classes.

“Geoff Bennett’s organically joyful and profound music is a ritual for my dancers.”
Serge Bennathan, Artistic Director, Dancemakers

“It’s an incredible and rare gift for a musician to make a dancer feel inspired to explore dance technique, composition, and analysis, and to reconnect with a new level of artistry and musical awareness. And to make a teacher feel like she can’t wait to get back in the classroom and share it all.”
Alexandra Cilic, dance teacher / choreographer

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A pulsating percussive score interspersed with ethereal beauty used as the soundtrack for the Live Theatrical event AEROS featuring athletes from the Romanian Gymnastics Federation and the creators of STOMP.

The theatrical presentation AEROS has toured around the world to great acclaim. The score is dymamic ,expressive , beautiful, esoteric and unusual for a “popular” show of such scope.The percussive score includes varied instrumentation including haunting Arabic vocals ,the improvisational stylings of violinist Hugh Marsh ,the effected trumpet and saxophone of Wally Jericho, tapped bass and various keys.

“Fuelled by the pulsating score, the full ensemble leaps and flips it’s way into an impressive display of physical virtuosity.”
Daily Variety 

“Their bodies seem to be literally flung by the percussive force of the TTG Music Lab’s original score…”
Dallas Morning News 

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Airport People

Geoff Bennett and Longo Hai hatched a plan to begin jamming together at Toronto’s infamous Queen St. rock venue “The Squeeze Club” in 1995. Geoff was performing with “Peaches” in alt rock band Fancy Pants Hoodlum. Longo had been a long time member of the infamous band “The Look People”.

This chance meeting led to improvising for “Dancemakers” modern dance classes. Forming TTG music with Ben Johannesen and writing the score for a feature film ” Reluctant Angel” and forming a new group “Anti-Gravity Janitors”.

In 1999 The Two Tall Guys performed a live score for Toru Shimazaki’s “Willful Wind” at the Tokyo Globe Theater .

Through TTG Music Geoff and Longo have collaborated on hundreds of episodes of television . 9 animaterd series and 4 feature films as well as two percussion based cd’s “Music For Bipedal Movement” and “Next Of Skin”

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