Credits | TTG Music


Feature Films

Siblings (additional music)
Say Nothing
Society’s Child
New Waterford Girl
Reluctant Angel
TL Boulton Productions, 2004, dir. Ruba Nadda
Step-Films Inc., 2004, dir. David Weaver
HBO Films, 2002, dir. Allan Moyle
Sienna Films, 2002, dir. Pierre Gang
Sienna Films, 1999, dir. Allan Moyle
Arrakis Films, 1998, dir. John Helliker
90 min
85 min
94 min
92 min
90 min
98 min

Animated Television Series

Max & Ruby (Theme & Underscore)
Willa’s Wild Life (Theme & Underscore)
The Future Is Wild (Underscore)
Jane And The Dragon (Underscore)
It’s A Big Big World (Underscore)
Fun Pack Opening Theme
Fun Pack: Wild Wild Circus
Fun Pack: Martini & Meatballs
Maggie & the Ferocious Beast (Theme &
Illustrator Project
George and Martha
Nelvana, 2002-2011
Nelvana, 2008-2009
Nelvana, 2007
Nelvana/Weta, 2006
Wainscott/PBS, 2006
Nelvana, 2004
Nelvana, 2004
Nelvana, 2004
Nelvana, 1997-2002

Nick Jr., 1999
Nelvana, 1998

78 X 30min
26 X 30min
26 X 30min
26 X 30min
40 X 30min

5 X 5min
5 X 5min
39 X 30min

6 X 3min
13 X 30min

Dramatic Series and Programs

Queer as Folk (additional music)
Temple St. Productions, 2005
Serendipity Point Films, 2005
Sienna Films, 2003
1-hour series
16 X 30min
1-hour drama

Documentary/Lifestyle Television Series

Meet the Coy Wolf
David Suzuki’s Andes Adventure
Animal Odd Couples
The Nature of Things with David Suzuki:
Raccoon Nation
The Nature of Things with David Suzuki:
A Murder of Crows
The Man Who Saved Geometry
Speaker’s Corner
Out In The Cold
Sexual Intelligence
Divine Design
Beastly Countdown
The Secret World of Gardens
Colour Confidential
One House, Two Looks
One Garden, Two Looks
Planet Parent
Going to Extremes
Backyard Bug Adventures
Wild Lives
Spirit Connection
Dish It Out
CBC Playground
CBC, Nature of Things, 2012
CBC, Nature of Things, 2012
PBS, Nature, 2012
CBC, 2011

CBC, 2010

Foundry Films, 2009
Opening Theme, City TV, 2007
Real To Reel Productions, 2007-2008
Fertile Ground Productions, 2005
Associated Producers, 2004
Fusion TV, 2004
Ellis Entertainment, 2003
Q Films, 1999-2004
Fusion TV, 2003-2008
Fusion TV, 2003
Fusion TV, 2003
Telefactory, 2000-2004
National Geographic, 2002
Redcap, 2002
Redcap, 2001
Vision TV, 2001
Fusion TV, 2000
CBC, 1999-2000
YTV Productions, 2000

1 X 60min
1 X 60min
1 X 60min
1 X 60min

1 X 60min

1 X 60min

10 X 30min
1 X 120min
8 X 60min
13 X 30min
6 X 60min
39 X 30min
52 X 30min
13 X 30min
52 X 30min
104 X 30min
4 X 60min
26 X 30min
13 X 30min
13 X 30min
26 X 30min
daily, 240min
13 X 30min

TV Specials

Green Heroes
Arbor Alma
Museum Maestros
Ted Nolan: Behind the Bench
Beethoven’s Hair (additional music)
Yours Al
Shut Up and Write Me
Original Kin – Annie Ong : Lost and Found
Day of the Groundhog
Gardens of Scotland
Cooking with Mom
Homestead Holdouts
Paul Kane
Shaking the Foundations
A Perfect Match
Dinner at the Edge
A Wild Country Home
The Shag Harbour Incident
Cougar Crossings
Echoes of the North
Cinefocus Productions, 2011
Cinefocus Productions, 2008
Cinefocus Productions, 2008
Creative Atlantic, 2008
Rhombus Media, 2006
Real To Reel Productions, 2006
Shut Up Productions, 2005
PTV Productions, 2004
Ellis Entertainment, 2004
Fusion TV, 2003
Telefactory, 2003
J&J Foster, 2002
Telefactory, 2002
TVO, 2002
Vision TV, 2001
Sienna Films, 2001
J&J Foster, 2001
Ocean Entertainment, 2000
Venture Entertainment, 2000
Ellis Entertainment, 1999
web shorts
14min short
74min doc
60min doc
74min doc
90min special
90min doc
60min doc
60min doc
60min doc
60min doc
60min doc
60min doc
60min doc
90min doc
60min doc
60min arts special
60min doc
60min doc
60min doc
60min doc